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Houston’s Leading Auto Repair Shop

HEIGHTS AUTO REPAIR is the leading full-service mechanic shop in the heart of Houston, TX. We are family-owned and operated, and have been dedicated to providing quality customer care, reasonable pricing, and outstanding auto repair service in the Heights and surrounding areas since 1995.

Making a Name for Ourselves

Mr. Alfredo first opened the doors of HEIGHTS AUTO REPAIR to customers as a young man. It was an ambitious gamble for a young mechanic's career that started from humble beginnings. Alfredo's grandfather first taught him how to work on tractors on a South Texas ranch at the early age of 14 and since then sparked his interest into automotive repair. Mr. Alfredo continued honing his skills by working on large farm equipment throughout his teen years, until later enrolling into automotive courses and acquiring his technical certification in San Marcos, TX. Shortly after graduation Mr. Alfredo moved to Houston and gained employment at Mr. Bob's auto repair shop on 16th St. and Yale in the Heights where he gained a load of valuable experience. Once he began working in the community, many recognized Mr. Alfredo's abilities and hard work ethic, and as a result, many customers followed him over to his new shop on 19th St. and Durham 15 years after Mr. Bob retired and closed his shop.


The first years were rough for Mr. Alfredo, working on his own, but through quality workmanship, diligence, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, HEIGHTS AUTO REPAIR began to grow. Over the years, the shop has flourished and developed into a trusted staple of the community in the heart of a thriving city.